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Fleece Alert!

Linc Farm Upper Canada Fibreshed


Fresh Fleece Available

Linc Farm has recently completed a shearing and have a lovely selection of fresh Finnsheep x Rambouillet (or Newfoundland) fleece for sale in the online store.



Producer Profile – Upper Canada Mercantile


Recently I was asked by an artist what the landscape means to me. A simple question, but it strikes at the heart of the Upper Canada Mercantile and why I decided to work with the natural resources available in our Fibreshed. The landscape plays such a major role in the psyche of Canadians. But to me, and I’m sure many others, the meaning of landscape goes beyond imagining A.Y. Jackson Jack Pines and lakes. I default to the french concept of terroir, which translates to mean the soil, climate and culture of the people shape the flavour of the wine. So too does the soil, climate and culture of the people I work with dictate the colours and designs of the blankets. To me they are inextricably linked, the landscape or bioregion that supports us and males the blankets possible.