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Pine Hollow Farm

Allison Brown became a farmer to raise animals mainly for fibre instead of meat. Her first Angora goats arrived at the farm in 1987 in the height of the export market boom. A friend lent her a spinning wheel for the winter, and she taught herself how to spin using her own mohair (it’s not recommended.)

The next year, an exceptional flock of imported purebred registered Rambouillet sheep were purchased. However, there were (and still are not) fibre mills locally that could handle the really fine wool. Undeterred, Allison began a breeding program crossing three purebred sheep – the result is the Norbouillet. (The third sheep breed is a farm secret!) Allison has breeding records dating back to 1988.

Allison’s highly sought after yarns and roving are processed at Wellington Fibres and are available by appointment at her form in Norwood Ontario, mail order, or if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, at a few local shows: Spin in October, in Cambellford and The Gathering in Port Hope in April. You can follow her on Facebook at Norbouillet Wool.

View from Tower field east




St. Isidore Farm



St.Isidore Farm, formerly Sheepish Green, is 200 acres of pasture and forest near Yarker, Ontario. We have primarily raised Lincoln Longwool sheep for the past twenty years, transforming their lustrous fleece into beautiful products. This endangered breed of sheep is raised humanely in an ecologically sustainable manner with cattle and chickens.


Producer Profiles: Canadian Ewe


We are so pleased to announce our very first local yarn producers to our ever growing network of sustainable,  revolution inducing local fibre supporters. Carla and Christina started their local yarn business as a way to connect their passion for the rich heritage of Canadian breeds and knitting. Their online shop has launched and you can read more below and follow this link to their website.

UCFS: Share with us your story. Where did you start and what was your motivation? 

Both Christina and I come from a Film background. I worked in a film laboratory for 12 years (until the onslaught of digital film production killed the need for physical film), and she is a media archivist. We have been knitting for many years, and often spend our time together looking at all the gorgeous fibre available. We were also inspired by the Prince’s Trust Campaign For Wool in England that started a few years ago to promote wool. We thought it was so great and that we really need something like that here. There was also quite a movement in Nova Scotia that was very exciting, but nothing more local for us.


Established Fleece Flock For Sale

Romney, Romney X & North Country Cheviot Sheep for Sale

Selected on Fleece Quality


Approximately 50 bred white or coloured Ewes and Ewe lambs for sale. We are significantly downsizing our herd – top quality ewes are going. Most are bred to lamb between February and April. Excellent mothers and resistant to foot rot. Raised completely in grass fed rotational grazing operation.

Contact Silvia Stoddart at 705-786-7705 or at silvia@stoddart.ca.

The Stoddart Family Farm
1315 Zion Road
Little Britain, ON
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