Twin Oaks Farm

Twin Oaks Farm is located on 85 acres just outside Guelph Ontario. We also farm additional acres thanks to like minded local land owners. Our family owned and operated farm offers quality meats as well as fine fiber and yarn products.

We have a passion for agriculture combining skills learned at the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph as well as experience gained, on and off the farm, in agricultural careers.

We have completed an Environmental Farm Plan and are committed to conservation and stewardship.

Romney roving from our rare breed sheep.

Romney roving from our rare breed sheep.

We have just purchased a small flock of Romney sheep, a breed listed as endangered on the Rare Breeds Canada list. Our flock was purchased from the Stoddart Farmily Farm and has been selected for spinning quality for over 20 years. The fleeces yield a long staple, nicely crimped and fine fibre and is ideal for hand spinning.  Our flock is raised on pasture and hay.

We sell fleeces ‘in the grease”, washed fleece, roving and various weights of yard.  All of our processing is done at Wellington Fibres.  They are the most environmentally and fleece friendly mill we can find in Ontario.  Their primary source of heat for their wash water is a solar collector and all the soaps they use are citrus based.  This yields a soft, luxurious garment whether you’re hand spinning or knitting from our yarns. However, because they don’t put the wool in a sulphuric acid treatment, you will find the odd bit of vegetable matter (VM). We do our best to keep the fleeces clean and the picker gets most of the VM out but there is always some that sneaks through. We think a little VM here and there is a small price to pay for not having the wool treated with sulphuric acid.

Currently we are not dyeing any of our wool products but we do have several coloured Romney ewes that provide us with a natural colour range from which to work.


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