The Gaynor Homestead

We are a registered Ontario producer of high quality spinning wool and purebred livestock from our small flock of Rambouillets.


Rambouillets are a large breed that is a direct descendent of the Merino; in fact, they are often referred to as the French Merino. They are rare in Ontario but are common in Western Canada, as they can do well as range sheep.  They have a strong herding instinct making them ideal for small flocks, easy handling, and also for herding with the use of herding dogs.  Ewes are naturally polled, while rams are typically born with horns. They are always white making their wool ideal for dying.

FIRST-CLASS Fleece For Home Spinners

We have searched Ontario and beyond for some of Canada’s best spinning wool sheep. The fleece of the Rambouillet is some of the finest sheep fleece available and is typically less than 25 microns and a staple length of 6-10cm. Their wool can be used for almost anything and is soft enough to use for baby garments. Because of their large size they provide a large yield of fleece and have less lanolin than other comparable breeds like the merino.  Not only are they great for wool, they are excellent for meat and are considered one of the best dual purpose breeds out there.  Their dual purpose qualities make them a profitable breed of sheep to keep.  Because of their size they are good at lambing and have a lambing rate of approximately 1.75 and sometimes higher.


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