St. Isidore Farm


St.Isidore Farm, formerly Sheepish Green, is 200 acres of pasture and forest near Yarker, Ontario. We have primarily raised Lincoln Longwool sheep for the past twenty years, transforming their lustrous fleece into beautiful products. This endangered breed of sheep is raised humanely in an ecologically sustainable manner with cattle and chickens.

The farm is named after the patron saint of farmers and reflects our desire to be good custodians of the Earth given to us by the Creator. We belong to Canadian Organic Growers and the following organizations.

We have always been committed to eco-friendly farming practices that allow wildlife to co-exist with farm animals. Thick windbreaks shelter deer, wild turkeys and song birds while page wire fences and a guard llama keep coyotes out of the pasture.  Sheep are moved daily to fresh pasture on a 30-day rotation schedule that encourages grass to develop deep roots to nourish the soil and discourages many internal parasites whose eggs are dumped on the pasture and allowed to die rather than be re-ingested after a few days. When the need for synthetic de-wormers is eliminated, sheep parasites don’t have a chance to become resistant. Our talented neighbour, Owen Storey, built  a mobile shelter, called the “sheep-mobile”, that offers shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.





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