RUTH Handwovens


I have been weaving for over 20 years.  Now that I am retired from my professional life, I have more time for my passionate life. I was first introduced to weaving when our son was in Grade 3. In a lovely, full-circle, this past year I taught two classes of Grade 3’s how to weave their own bookmark.
What are your goals for your business?  
I just like to weave….. and to interact with like-minded people.  Lately I have woven baby wraps for the baby-wearing community in my area.  I have recently reduced my market area to Ontario only.  The Fibreshed movement fits into this guideline nicely.

What would you like people to know about the products you have for sale?
I weave from locally raised, spun and dyed wool.  Finished goods are available through Upper Canada Mercantile.

Where do you source your material from?  
Several yarn producers in the Fibreshed.
What are some of the challenges you have experienced ?  
Sourcing good quality, well spun yarn.
Why did you want to join the UCFS?   
I have long subscribed to the idea of supporting your neighbours before multi-nationals.  If the loss of a business will impact my life, I support that business.  We need farmers, spinners, weavers and small business people in our lives.  Not so much big-box stores.


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