Rampart Farm and Woolen Mill


Rampart Farm & Wool Mill is a small, family owned, mixed farm & wool processing plant in Branchton, ON. Located just south of Hwy 8 between Cambridge & Hamilton, the processing plant is a great source for quality wool products in the area. The place is also home to a number of Jersey cows, Saanen goats, laying hens & Shetland & Blue-faced Leicester sheep. Our commitment is to grow crops & raise livestock naturally.


Lidija worked as an Operating Room nurse for more than 25 years. Her passion for nature & love of animals inspired her to purchase Rampart Farm in 1996. The farm consisted of a garden & a few chickens. To make it more self-sufficient, Lidija added livestock. She now grows her own vegetables & hay. She produces milk & dairy products that contain no preservatives or chemicals. In the wool mill, Lidija produces her own fleeces into rovings & batts, while providing custom processing for customers. Over the years, Lidija joined the local Spinners & Weavers Guild & learned to spin her own yarn. Through courses & research, she developed an art for cheese-making, organic farming & wool processing.


Rampart Wool Mill is open to sheep owners who need to process their flock’s wool and to hand spinners who want to process single fleeces.

Each Service is discussed to ensure a high quality end product. The fleece is weighed & tagged & the cost of the washing service is applied to this weight. Once the wool is washed & dried, it is re-weighed to determine the cost of further processing. Orders are processed with a minimum waiting time. To reduce costs, it is recommended that fleeces be skirted & vegetation/debris is removed prior to bringing it to the mill.


RF07Lidija offers knitting classes for both beginners & experienced alike.

Beginner Classes – Open to students 12 years and over with a class size of 5. The course is offered 1 day/week for 6 weeks. Beginners will learn the basics of knitting in a classroom-like setting. A ball of yarn & a pair of knitting needles will be supplied. It is possible to complete a scarf by the end of the sixth week.Cost: $120.00
To reach Lidija is easy:

Phone: (519) 622-0170
Email: fcallan@sympatico.ca
Website: http://rampartwool.ca/
Address: 2391 Concession 6 W, Branchton, ON



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