Nuevo Norte Alpacas


Our alpaca journey began almost 5 years ago.  Based on our life long love of animals, the alpaca and their “fibre of the Gods” fascinated us from the beginning.  The perfect match.  We studied and learned as much as we could.  Immersed ourselves in the alpaca culture and thrived to learn more about the products that can be made with their remarkable fleece.  It has been an exciting journey, learning constantly in order to improve ourselves, our products and our herd.

The original “herd” consisted of 6 alpaca which were housed at another farm.  Now, our herd is over 80 strong and resides on a beautiful piece of property in Northumberland County complete with apple trees bursting with fruit and flowing creek.  We have champion alpacas, both male and female, a full working mill and a retail store located steps from the fields and paddocks where the alpacas roam and frolic.  We offer educational seminars, fibre workshops and tours of all sizes.  We seek daily, new and innovative uses for the eco (and animal friendly) fibre, with awesome, and occasionally stunning, end results.

Working the farm is a team whose mutual respect and fondness for one another, gives the land a peaceful and genuine atmosphere.  Our team works seamlessly together, we are a family really, and more often than not you’ll hear laughter above the calming hum of the alpacas.  We pride ourselves on providing the best possible care and lifestyles for our animals.  Their gentle nature and luxurious fleece make them a joy to work with everyday.  We welcome you to come out and see for yourself, experience for yourself, the peaceful feeling you get just being around these incredible creatures.




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