Canadian Comfort Farms


Leslie and Bob have been farmers, collectively for over forty-five years. Bob, along with his family, cash crop 1300 acres and raise beef cattle. Leslie was involved in the equine industry, breeding and raising Canadian horses. Canadian horses are a light draft and Canada’s national breed.  In 2003 Leslie made a very good trade and acquired 37 registered alpacas for 6 registered Canadian horses. From that point on, a career change took place and Canadian Comfort Alpacas took off running.

Canadian Comfort Alpacas has many high quality registered alpacas for sale at affordable prices. We are located in Southern Ontario Canada. We are the home to many of the greatest breeding studs in North America. Canadian Comfort Alpacas is located near Beautiful Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada, and is owned and operated by Leslie and Bob Comfort. Their wonderful stock of alpacas are blessed with quality, personality and pizzazz! They are definitely worth looking at!




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