Cabin Boy Knits

Cabin Boy Knits Upper Canada Fibreshed

Christopher Walker is a Fibre Artist, Knitwear Designer, and founder of the label CabinBoyKnits.

Outside of the corporate world Christopher splits his time between Toronto and his log cabin in the arboreous Oak Hills of Stirling, Ontario. His unconventional work is influenced by the environment around him, whether it be from the rugged Canadian landscape, to the vivid colours and graphic designs in Toronto’s tattoo parlors.

Cabin Boy Knits Upper Canada Fibreshed

For Christopher knitting provides an opportunity to engage socially, trigger emotion and provoke thought. His work profiles the dichotomy between masculinity and the soft intricate work of knitwear, and has been featured on the runway and at art gallery showings. He is both participant and host of “Knitters in Residence”, a series which brings an international faculty of professional knitting teachers to his cabin to lead fibre workshops.

Currently, Christopher is collaborating with tattoo artist Sarah Keeley on a knitwear line and working on a knitted wire installation inspired by Tom of Findland.



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