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Bree Zorel Fibre Artist Upper Canada Fibreshed


Share with us a bit of your story. How did you get started in your art form?
I went to art school at ACAD and NSCAD for drawing and loved every minute of it. I
had learned knitting and sewing skills as a child, but it wasn’t until I got out of school
and found it difficult to maintain a messy drawing practice that I got seriously into textile
arts. These art forms are more portable and less messy than large scale ink drawings.

What are your goals for your business?
I love having a varied work life and like to feel that I am making the world a better place.
I have several day jobs working with kids and helping people at a yarn store, so my goals
for my business are just to provide myself with extra income while helping people mend
their clothing, learn to knit, or have access to beautiful, ethically made textiles.

What would you like people to know about the products you have for sale? 
I have mostly made-to-order products (knitted items, recycled patchwork quilts) and
customized services (creative mending, knitting instruction). You can see examples of
my work at and on as @tenderfield and can contact me
through either platform.

Bree Zorel Fibre Artist Upper Canada Fibreshed

Where do you source your material from?
For Fibreshed knitted items I source my materials directly from local farms using local
mills to produce beautiful yarns. There are some amazing yarns being produced in our
For the recycled quilts and creative mending I source all my fabrics from thrift stores and
through discarded items from friends and family, or my own closet. Many of the quilts
use 100% natural materials and I verify by checking the tags of the clothing items that
they be 100% wool, cashmere, alpaca, cotton, linen, or a blend with other natural fibres.
The threads I use I mostly get from garage sales or passed down from my Grandma, so
really no new materials are being purchased to create these items.

Bree Zorel Fibre Artist Upper Canada Fibreshed

What are some of the challenges you have experienced?
It can be difficult when juggling multiple jobs to find the time to develop and market my
products and services properly. It can be difficult to create community with farmers who
live rurally when I don’t have a car to drive to their farms.

Why did you want to join the UCFS?
I knew it was the wave of the future. I have lived a low-impact lifestyle and had a lowimpact
wardrobe for a long time (shopping at thrift stores for example) I started to notice
that so many of the yarns I was using were from very far away and wanted to discover
and access yarns grown right here in my community. I shop at farmers markets for my
food and love the connection I have to local food community and had a desire for the
same feeling in my knitting and textile practice. I wanted to meet like minded people who
care deeply about the same things that I do.


Contact Bree Zoral at or on IG @tenderfield


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