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Producer Profile: T&K Fibres and More!

T&K Fibres and more upper canada fibreshed

We are Will and Jane, the proud owners of T&K Fibres and More! We are a husband and wife team who not only spin our own fibre from our many sheep and alpacas, but also specialize in small, custom orders from customers across Canada. No order is too small or too big for us to handle!

 We are different from other mills across the country by offering small, batch services, and working with each individual customer to ensure your needs are met. We also blend fibres into batts or rovings.



Producer Profile: Rampart Farm and Woolen Mill


Rampart Farm & Wool Mill is a small, family owned, mixed farm & wool processing plant in Branchton, ON. Located just south of Hwy 8 between Cambridge & Hamilton, the processing plant is a great source for quality wool products in the area. The place is also home to a number of Jersey cows, Saanen goats, laying hens & Shetland & Blue-faced Leicester sheep. Our commitment is to grow crops & raise livestock naturally.


Producer Profile: Wellington Fibres

Wellington Fibres Logo

Connecting the dots along the local fibre supply chain immediately brings us to the importance of the fibre processing mill. Once a thriving industry in Ontario, many small towns in the rural Ontario landscape are situated along rivers with falls or fast current needed to turn the drive shaft that powered the machinery. During WWII, mills such as the Dominion Woolens and Worsted Ltd in Hespeler, employed mostly women to support the war effort. All of these mills have long since closed their doors, but there are a couple of wool processing mills locally that have since opened to serve fine fibre producers. One of which is Wellington Fibres located just outside of Elora, owned and operated by Donna Hancock. I sat down with Donna to discuss her mill and how it connects into the fibre supply chain of the Upper Canada Fibershed.