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Workshop Alert: Humane and Organic Care of Sheep at the Guelph Organic Conference

JANUARY 27, 2018 3:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Guelph Organic Conference

The presentation will focus on the cost-effective relationship between organic methods and problem prevention.

Topics will include:

  • techniques to strengthen the sheep immune system
  • control of parasites
  • lambing assistance
  • the judicious use anti-biotics
  • veterinary intervention
  • an underlying theme is the humane treatment of sheep

From birth to transportation to the abattoir, the balance between animal-care costs and humane treatment needs to be clearly articulated.

Sheep Farming Collage St. Isodore Farm

This workshop will be of interest to small and large sheep producers as well as non-farmers interested in organic food and fibre production.

Kate Michalska at St. Isodore Farm


Kate MichalskaKate Michalska, St.Isodore Farm

Upper Canada Fibreshed Producer Member

Kate Michalska and her husband have raised Lincoln Longwools for 20 years at St. Isidore Farm, 150 acres of forest and 54 acres of arable land northwest of Kingston, Ontario.

To raise her flock of 20 sheep, she has focussed on ethically and organically raising the sheep through rotational grazing.

Details right this way:

Guelph Organic Conference

Farm – to – Fashion Runway: Panel Discussion and Networking Event

Join members of the Upper Canada Fibreshed for a lively panel discussion where we’ll explore the opportunities for organic farmers to connect with the growing sustainable fashion movement in Canada. For tickets and more information please visit the Guelph Organic Conference Website. Farm-to-Fashion-Runway

LandMade 2018

It’s that time of year again, where producers within our Fibreshed gather to rally the community around sustainable, ethical raw fibre products for the urban maker. Be inspired by fibre from our landscape and increase  your stash for those special and everyday projects that support local farmers and a more beautiful way to textile.

February 4th 2018  – Gladstone Hotel – Toronto ON – 10 am to 4 pm  


A Blanket for Prince Charles made within our Fibreshed


Pine Hollow Farm

Allison Brown became a farmer to raise animals mainly for fibre instead of meat. Her first Angora goats arrived at the farm in 1987 in the height of the export market boom. A friend lent her a spinning wheel for the winter, and she taught herself how to spin using her own mohair (it’s not recommended.)

The next year, an exceptional flock of imported purebred registered Rambouillet sheep were purchased. However, there were (and still are not) fibre mills locally that could handle the really fine wool. Undeterred, Allison began a breeding program crossing three purebred sheep – the result is the Norbouillet. (The third sheep breed is a farm secret!) Allison has breeding records dating back to 1988.

Allison’s highly sought after yarns and roving are processed at Wellington Fibres and are available by appointment at her form in Norwood Ontario, mail order, or if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, at a few local shows: Spin in October, in Cambellford and The Gathering in Port Hope in April. You can follow her on Facebook at Norbouillet Wool.

View from Tower field east