Farm to Sweater – Beyond Beginner Knitting Workshop

Our local Fibreshed is abundant with beautiful squishy yarns grown right here in our own backyards. The Upper Canada Fibreshed is teaming up with Minga Skill Building Hub to bring textile and visual artist, educator and chronic knitter Bree Zorel to turn yarn from our very own neighbourhood sheep into a cozy sweater you can wear (or gift) with love.

This workshop is for those of you who are familiar with the basics of knitting – you understand knit and purl, and maybe you have knit a scarf or shawl but somehow just feel intimidated by the idea of how the heck to make the leap to knitting a sweater.

In this 3hr workshop, you will be guided through basic sweater construction, fit, types of needles, yardage required, and the importance of a gauge swatch to help you find just the right pattern.  You will leave with the confidence to cast on for your first knitted sweater, and perhaps an armload of the best quality local yarn to boot!




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