50 Mile Coat Project: April 23rd – May 15th


The 50 Mile Coat is a live art installation created by the Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners Guild (EHS) in celebration of their 50th Anniversary. The project will demonstrate over the course of 3 weeks, (April 23rd to May 15th) how wool from two local shepherds at Dover Farm and Linc Farm is crafted into a complete garment. Fibre artists will work in Neilson Park Creative Centre’s (NPCC) Gallery, carding, spinning, weaving and sewing The 50 Mile Coat in full view of the public, demonstrating each step of the journey from raw fleece to finished garment. The 50 Mile Coat will also document, both digitally and materially, each new aspect of the project, from fibre sources to hand sewing techniques, while drawing attention to the environmental and social benefits of locally-made garments.

Audience participation is encouraged both in person and on-line. Visitors to the installation will be able to try particular fibre crafts such as carding, drop spindling and weaving. Online viewers will be encouraged to submit their comments and questions to the project’s artists via the blog and social media.



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