Producer Profile: Juliet Orazietti, Linc Farm @ Southbrook

SB_LincFarm_finalart_01fulllogo_highSouthbrook Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake is a beautiful place with an intriguing history. Once it was the largest Jersey cattle farm in Ontario and three generations later, the legacy of excellence continues. In 1991 Southbrook Winery was launched and over the years have improved their environmental stewardship to become one of the leaders in ecological wine production. Certified Organic, Biodynamic and the first winery to achieve Gold Leed status, they have recognized the importance of nurturing the soil that sustains the business.

Linc Farm is situated at Southbrook Vineyards, where their own special mix of Rambouillet, Finn, Gotland, and Newfoundland sheep are pastured on Organic and Biodynamic fields, fertilizing the vineyard and adding to the biodiversity. Juliet Orazietti and her husband Martin Weber are the farmers, and are responsible for running the flock through the vineyard in the warmer months (among MANY other things). Juliet has a Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics, and Marin has a Masters in Livestock Science. Juliet was kind enough to talk with us about her experience as Shepherdess at the farm.



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